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Won-Loss-Tied Records
(decade by decade)
NFL - 20s
NFL - 30s
NFL - 40s
NFL - 50s
NFL - 60s
NFL - 70s
NFL - 80s
NFL - 90s
Won-Loss-Tied Records
(team by team)
Teams that began in the 20s
Teams that began in the 30s
Teams that began in the 50s & 60s
Teams that began in the 60s & 70s
Teams that began in 70s & 90s
Playoff Games
Champions & Runners-up - 1921-1959
Champions & Runners-up - 1960-1999
Conference Championship games 1970-1999
Other Playoff Games
8 Decades of NFL Football (teams with over 500 games)
Top 3 Teams in Each Decade (1920s throught 1990s)
NFC titles (Team by Team)
NFL Championships by Team
NFL Cities
Halls of Fame
Los Angeles Rams
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